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Watermelon Festival

7th Medieval Rose Festival


7th Medieval Rose Festival


To 7o Rhodes Island Medieval Festival nears ... fresh and topical as ever!

June 16 - The Game of the Quest of the Dragon (read more here) 
June 22 - Tour of the Medieval Town on Life pomegranates in the Middle Ages, the before and after ... 
June 23 - Medieval Festival in Lindos with Bonfires of St. John 
29-30 of June - Festival Medieval City 
(Includes: Unveiling of the Dragon Theme and parade about the legend of the Dragon and A Creative Day in the Middle Ages with many new workshops, demonstrations and construction) 
July 7 - Castle Fayre Monolithou

Workshop Construction of the Dragon of Rhodes 
In the context of educational and creative program of the 7th Medieval Festivals - Celebrations of fortifications, the "Medieval Rose" will organize a workshop on making Dragon of Rhodes. The design will make voluntarily artists Angelica and Michael Triantafyllou and will construct the impressive dragon (height 2m.) With the help of volunteers and materials such kotetsosyrma and papier-mache. For this workshop we will work with service restoration work of HMC. Sponsor of workshop materials are Christos Efstratiou (, which gratefully acknowledges as traditionally supports the Medieval Festival and by extension our city.

The aim of the workshop is: 
1.the participants to learn about the existing information sources on the legendary monster, through a creative and entertaining process 
Two. the construction of a replica of the dragon that can be used in the events of the Medieval Festival, as the Game of the Quest of the Dragon, in thematic pageant in Performances etc. 
Three. learning the technique of Papier mache combined with other materials to create props and other structures 
4. promoting collective, voluntary, creative work in order to offer to our country!

O Dragon, for the remainder of which will be used, you can stay at an archaeological site or may be enlightened in order that they can see him and taking photographs tourists with a cover plate which briefly recounts the legend. 
For those who want to take part in the workshop is expected to start around the end of May can register by email: , With a note on the subject: "For the manufacturing workshop of the Dragon" - give name / Last name, phone and age. Those who register will receive further information about the details.

Soon we will announce more .... Stay tuned!

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